Were cooking on Gas Baby

What can I say about us that isn’t like the conventional norm raiding and social plus Myth + add that isnt blah blah blah?

Well how about...Once upon a time in a land far far away...(Cue images of fluffy bunny flowers fields and pretty castles)


 Our guild members all have attractive and funny friends and/or spouses.  We are either rocket scientists, brain surgeons, army generals, or  wealthy stock brokers.

Did I mention we all bench 650 and run a  2-minute mile? We prides ourself on taking low level and undergeared  toons in to inappropriately dangerous places, im not talking Goldshire!  

Conformity and stereotype norm is overrated but the player behind the  Avatar is never not we love each and every wacky one of you on the side  of light and the dark (murlocs included subject to terms and  conditions).  

Don’t be scared, that nagging voice in the back of  your head screaming for you to run, ignore it but it could be why I  think were recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers. You have 3 hopes,  Bob Hope, No Hope, envelope, antelopes are free subject to availability.  

Raid Days are:  

Mondays & Wednesdays  2100 ST – 2300 ST  

Tuesdays & Thursdays are M+ Days  

The Azerothian responsibility

As a Guild we realise etiquette is all about an Azerothians social behaviour. 

If you're a lone Dwarf on a mountain, you don't have to worry about etiquette; if somebody comes up the mountain, then you've got a problem. It matters because we want to live in reasonably harmonious Guild and community. 

You may often find that sometimes well be dirty dancing with our Hoarde counterparts in BGs that could be true. "Are you thinking what we're thinking? Good. Bring ample supply of butter, and Goblin Jumper Cables. 

If you’ve ever danced with a Gnome in the pale moonlight? Done the boogie woogie with a Tauren until you were lactose intolerant? By reading this far honestly you’re the guildie for us!  

The Futures Beautiful

At Project Nemesis we humbly believe the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and Happiness is not a goal… it’s a by-product of a Guildlife well lived.  

With our No Frills simple “non-patent” philosophy we’ve learned that people will forget what we’ve said, people will forget what we’ve done, but people will never forget how Project Nemesis made them feel.  

Our in-game chat is defined like the wind. It may blow away our own footsteps but will also blow away the footsteps and thoughts of others, we like to think we use chat wisely responsibly and with care and exceptional humour. 

Value the person not the Avatar how can things be any simpler eh.

Apprehensive? Not sure what to make of us? We’ve got the World Guild first for saying the Candyman 3 times and still here to tell the tale of our heroism. 

Like a few relics we’ve weathered Barrens chat, deathcoil, Chuck Norris, Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise and every iteration of the word “noob”.  

What makes us tick

Gnomeablo Picaso once described us simply  

"Some Guilds transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun". 

Join today and help us paint and sculpt our very own masterpiece, raiders, socials, who cares we just enjoy the ride with like-minded people!  

 Remember  “Great mana requires a mad Nightelf to grow the vine, a wise Gnome to watch over it, a lucid Human to make it, the Worgen to water it and a Dwarf to drink it”.