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Launch point for Battle of Azeroth

So whats coming?

Levelling process

World of Warcraft's  Legion expansion made a big change to the way leveling was handled,  allowing players to choose which order they wanted to tackle its zones  in. 

During a WoW panel at BlizzCon, Blizzard revealed it plans to expand  this to the entire game, allowing you to have far more flexibility with  how you approach leveling up.

Things won't work  entirely as they do in Legion, as zones will have a level range. This  ensures you don't out-level an area that you want to play the entire  story in, but it also means you won't wander back into a starter area  once you hit the level cap and find yourself struggling against a pack  of wolves. This will also allow you to pick the order in which you  explore expansions. 

For instance, both Outland and Northrend will scale  from level 60-80, so you won't necessarily have to do Burning Crusade  content once you hit level 58 or so. 

Additionally, all of this scaling  will apply to dungeons and rewards in order to ensure you can do what  you want and not be penalized.Blizzard talked a lot today about the new Battle for Azeroth expansion.  

The leveling changes will not be tied directly to that--instead,  they'll start to arrive as part of the 7.3.5 update. This patch will  launch on the PTR in the next few weeks. 

So where to start...

Battle for Azeroth Features Overview

Allied Races (Has quest content)

Class Changes

Class changes next expansion might not be what we're used to. Let's have  a look at what WoW Battle for Azeroth might have in stor 


It seems like we won't have any tier set bonuses from the raids in Battle  for Azeroth, or at least that's the plan starting out. I wonder if this  will be a good or a bad thing in the long run and whether or not the  dev team will stick to their guns! 

What happens to the old Legendary?

BfA Announcement

With the announcement of BfA we  step up against the mindless grind over loot 

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