Dont forget this is Legion!

Legion is still here and so are the seagulls!

The Charm Offensive

Don't be scared....Much

 Project Nemesis where everyday is the start of another epic and surreal adventure, we even have a hotline to the Samaritans...oh scrub that they’ve Black list us, 

In preperation for  Antorus, the Burning Throne weve now invented the ThermaPoopa Laser Matic GSR1000 and think that a guild that wipes together, stays together….

We take our bio breaks seriously!    

Whilst we are all here on Azeroth to help others; what on Azeroth the others are here for I don't know.

Many gamers lose their tempers merely from seeing us keep yours; honestly this is why our recipe is simple....

Fun we carry it in the new and improved Gnomic designed and Dwarven engineered WheelbyTron AS 2000 and is a luxury best 

served warm and we have the Acme Leisure Gnomemaster ZSW100F520X Burnathonmatic version 2.0 with Dual Fuel to keep it so!

Extreme but true

Once upon a harvest moon,a timid gnome encountered a boisterous baboon.

“Whacha up to tonight?!” the baboon slurred,yelling loud enough that the whole town heard.

‘You got this man,’ the shy gnome thought,because for a baboon, she was kind of hot.

“Not much, ya know,” stated the gnome

“I’ve just been hanging out at home.”

“Well that ain’t fun!” the baboon cried,

“You’ve gotta have fun, life’s supposed to be a crazy ride!”

Embarrassed, the gnome replied with a fib,“Tonight was a fluke! I got out, I’m no Squib!”

Laughing she stated, “I think you’re a liar.”

“Oh really?” He retorted, “My pants aren’t on fire.”

She laughed, “HA HA HA! Good one honey,”the baboon didn’t realize his joke was not funny.

Drunk as a skunk, she had no clue,

the meadow she was in was not Club Blue.

The gnome, however, thought things were going well,

trapped in the clutches of her womanly spell.

Being a bit nerdy he didn’t get out much,the poor gnome had never even felt a woman’s touch.

Feeling bolder he decided to take a chance,until he realized that the baboon had peed her pants. 

The Moral is..What happens in Goldshire stays in Goldshire 

Why oh why

Don’t be scared, that nagging voice in the back of your head screaming for you to run, ignore it but it could be why I think were Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.   

Our raiders are expected to bring a smile rather than a frown , TS Discord, DBM GTFO are also mandatory. 

A can do will do attitude where fun is the main ingredient of the recipe.

Were not boss counting or spamming logs but we will be smile and enjoyment counting. 

We don’t want the dramarama  queens ragers or quitters but people who prioritise empathy & friendships over vilification and lambasting; togetherness and simply want to help is our most invaluable asset .  

At Project Nemesis we prefer to be stupid, be dumb, be funny, that's who we are. 

We don't try to be something that the WoW community may want us to be; that's stupid. Were just ourselves.

Will we go quietly into the night? Will we be assimilated into the collective? NOT LIKELY!

Were working as intended version 1.0 baby! youll not re-boot us. The CIA,FBI MI5 hasnt decrypted our Simcraft