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Yes were still recruiting for the following roles for the Progression Team

2 Healers (Pala or Shammy, Druid)

4 Range (Shadow Priest, Boomer, Lok and Shammy or Mage) DPS 

2 Melee (1 DK or Warrior 1 Feral prefered)DPS. 

Other Roles considered 

This is to increase the raid Team and were looking towards Thrones rather than simply ToS now

Interested? Drop Yasmiin, Aquaze, Bearbutt or Olya a message ingame 

infact just wisp any member theyll all be able to invite you :) , how? /who project nemesis

or BNet Jeebsjones#2394 for a chat even happy to chat on TS or Discord

Forthcoming Events

Yes well have community raids up and coming again very shortly from Achievement Hunting to Community Raiding

Latest wowhead for 31/10/2017


What do People say about us?

Well 4/5 Spirit Healers do recommend us with a 5* Healability rating 

The Big News Eh?

Checkout our latest news feed on Facebook 

Well were about a month away now to Thrones (15/11/2017) so lets get the house in order and get down for some smashing and bashing.

Discord Chanel & New guild Site completed (23/10/2017)

2 Knockout blows tonight (23/10/17) One shots so up to the Guitar Heroin herself. Good Job all

24/10/2017 The Blog is now implemented whooppee Twitter done Facebook linked Youtube channel created Google+ on fire today when to stop even a little more re-styling on links and buttons to make the whole experience more user friendly

30/10/2017 - Oh yeah baby were now 7/9HC and weve got this aced Application A++ Dedication A++ Execution A+

Event Days

Just to confirm for the short-term (Till I can fix the Calendar) as per 22/10/2017

Keep upto date with events via Facebook

Mondays & Wednesdays are Raid Days

Monday Progression & Wednesday is Fresh 2100 - 2300

Tuesdays & Thursdays are Mythic +

Friday - Sunday Free for all (Random Events inc Community Raid Schedules)

Free for All

Got an Idea for the Guild or anything? 

Speak to an officer ingame or drop them a battlenet/in game email.

Together were stronger and everyones opinion and point of view is valued

Sylvanas Goes to War

Thanks  SignsOfKelani

Possible new features

Yes its speculation but not to far off

Top Events

Finally Got it!

Community AOTC 03-11-2017

Charge of the Gnome Brigade

See details for further information 11.11.2017