Pre BfA Patch 8.0 Survival Guide

12 Cool Things Coming in Patch 8.0

Known issues in Pre Patch for BfA

Burning of Teldrassil 8.0 Pre-Patch Event Overview

Warbringers Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore is no stranger to making difficult decisions. In this  animated short, the choices of her past continue to influence her  future.  

And the Big Scenario is...

 Following the defeat of The Burning Legion on Argus, unrest between the  Alliance and Horde grows after a mysterious substance called Azerite is  discovered. Once again, the machines of war spring to life and the fate  of Azeroth hangs in the balance. This guide will serve as an overview of  the pre-patch event: "The War of the Thorns", covering the world  quests, rewards, and important lore of both factions. 

Battle for Lordaeron - Alliance and Horde Scenarios (Spoilers)

Warbringers: Sylvanas

In war, nothing is certain. In just one moment, a single action can  determine victory or defeat. For Sylvanas Windrunner, warchief of the  Horde, war has led her to many such moments—including one that will  change the course of history on Azeroth. 

Are you ready for us?

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