Chapter and Verse

The very long word words of wordom

Were Not here to Teach People to suck eggs and we do have an exceptional group of people who all have similar values but to safely protect all we have to have the blah blah blah blurb.

Basic Behaviour Rules Here in Project Nemesis.

Our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves while playing the game. 

As such, our cardinal rules concern behaviour, first and foremost.


Violating these rules will prompt a discussion with an officer; repeated violations can lead to removal from the guild. 

Todate this has never been required


1. All guild members are expected to be respectful and polite when dealing with other members of the community.

2. Griefing, interfering with other players, and otherwise being a jerk is not permitted. As a member of the Guild you represent us in the greater community  

3. Trolling on Trade, Scamming, Bullying, Begging for Gold or stealing are very serious and treated such. Remember you represent us as a Guild and our Values please respect them as such. 

4. Humour is welcome! If someone is offended by a joke, apologize and move on; if you're offended, state that and then move on. There's no need to go into depth on the matter. 

5. The following topics are off-limits in general guild chat: Race, Religion, Terrorism, Politics, Sexuality, Porn 

(This is an important thing to consider; if there's a discussion that you just know will go to a bad place or that you don't even want to entertain, Likely candidates include spoilers for recent films/games/shows, major political issues, and whether the toilet paper roll should be under or over). 

6. Adult language in guild chat is discouraged outside of normal watershed 2100GMT. Please remember we are social and family first guild above all else.

7. All players are expected to treat officers and other guild members with respect and politeness and no begging for gold, bullying harassment etc etc etc. 

These rules are simply guidelines; it's possible that situations may develop in play which require more specific rules. 

In the event that an officer makes a rule for a time that's more restrictive than these rules, go by that rule until further notice; if we expect the rule to be in place for an extended period of time, we'll add it in here.    

The Guild Bank and repairs are there to be used not abused if you are unsure about removing stuff from the banks please ask, manners are free.

Removing stuff from guild bank and auctioning it or sending to a non guild alt is considered theft, no if no buts.

The Raid Tab is also locked for the use of Raiding and not to be used for running Myth+ etc content  

Attendance All players are expected to show up before guild events at least ten minutes (as per 22/10/17) before the designated start time. 

If its Raiding then please have the appropriate Flasks, Runes and be repaired etc and tokens for bonus rolls.   

As a guild we try to provide pots but this is subject to availability so please plan ahead and don’t assume they will be available all the time. 

Donations for these are also welcome in the appropriate bank tab or via gold to the guild bank.  

Please Note we don't mean you need to be in the right spot and waiting for ten minutes, but you should be online and ready to go ideally for Progression it would be nice to have any and all prerequisite content completed beforehand. 

The very least we do expect people to of checked the  Tactics for the nights content attempt

In the event that people fail to complete prerequisite content before an event, the organizer and/or officers have the right to remove you from the group and bring someone else. Were also very forgiving on Ilvl but not to the point you are way below the minimum requirement.

We are not a boosting guild so expect people who attend to carry their weight., as such we do expect people to put in a little effort checking out tactics having the required TS or Discord. Certain Addons are also mandatory like DBM and GTFO.    

DBM & GTFO along with either TS or Discord are mandatory raid requirements

All Content Tactics are linked in the website, in Teamspeak and also the Facebook group.    

We appreciate life and timing can be a pain but if you are more than ten minutes late to a guild event, the organizer and/or officers have the right to start the event without you and not permit you to join after the fact. 

People are usually good though and do either drop an email use the remote application etc so please use common sense or sign up for events tentative 

Consistently signing up for events and showing up late or not at all is considered a violation of guild rules and not fair on people who are counting on you as this causes un-necessary delays. 

We do understand though that Real Life can cause unexpected unplanned problems but appreciate common courtesy helps better understand a “No Show”    


Non-members are allowed to attend guild events. Whilst under the Guild event they are bound to our no nonsense polite fun manner of raiding.

Our main focus is on being a Social Friendly and Community Focussed Guild with some End Game Content. 

That means that the majority of events should correspond with that.

We do have as a result X-Realm & Community members that should be treated as anyone else, we all represent the guild and we should always do so to the best of our ability.   

While other events are more than welcome, the events that we focus upon will take precedence, and in the event that someone is consistently only making and attending events contrary to our focus we may start cancelling those events or discussing the matter with the player in question.

Our Current Raid days are Mondays & Wednesdays 2100ST - 2300ST

Your officers are: Olya,Yanis, Slevin, Bearbutt, Racysapphire, Acquaze, Tankymctank.

Officers are appointed based upon experience, helpfulness, ability, and trustworthiness over time. 

While officers have authority over other guild members, they are not "superior" to other members and should not be considered as such.    

The officers are subject to the same rules as other members. If you have a problem with one of the officers or even the GM, please report it to another officer promptly.    

This includes situations wherein an officer makes you uncomfortable or appears to be violating the rules of the guild for any reason. 

We strive for transparency and accountability, but we don't always succeed; let us know if we make mistakes so we can correct them in the future.  

Punishments Violating the rules of the guild is something that we take seriously, as it can lead to hard feelings and damage overall group cohesion and the invaluable friendships we have made.    

In the event that someone is violating the rules of the guild, we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action, whether the player in question is an officer or not.    

In the event that someone is behaving contrary to the rules, the first step is a discussion with the player in question and a notification that there is a problem.    

No further action will be taken, and if nothing else happens within a month the entire thing can be forgotten.    

A separate or continuing incident requires further steps.    

Someone who is consistently behaving contrary to the guild rules will be assigned a probationary rank with limited privileges for a month's time pending any further behaviour violations. 

Further behaviour issues will be dealt with via removal from the guild.    

If someone is removed from the guild due to inactivity (we dont really enforce this), they may reapply and rejoin the guild with no penalty whatsoever.    

If someone is removed from the guild due to behaviour violations, they will not be permitted to reapply in the future. 

We think it important to keep in place the idea that players who screw up consistently enough to get removed don't get to just walk back in after some time has passed and the heat of the moment is over. Gone needs to be gone.    

Please Note If the Problem is severe the GM and Vice GM can remove the person without any notification. Officers can quickly mute people if required          

Updated Basic Raiding Guidelines

Raiding Guidelines

 Raiding Guideline’s
As per Meeting 22/04/2018

Raid Leader – Aquaze
Lieutenants – Tankymctank & Bobthetitan & Yanise

1. Sign up to raid event to be considered for invite. If unsure sign up tentative.
2. Inform an officer if you are running late. Either Discord, Facebook, Remote Chat, Battle-net or in-game mail.
3. Arrive ready for invites at 8:45pm (ST)
4. Have appropriate flasks and seals for the duration of the raid.
5. Ensure all gear is enchanted and socketed as necessary
6. Log onto the Discord server at the start of the raid. Even just to listen.
7. Keep Discord free during boss fights for Raid Lead / Tanks / Healers
8. Come to raid having at least watched the fight on YouTube. If you are unsure of anything, please ask and do not presume.
9. The Raid leader and lieutenants decision is final. Selection will be  based on many aspects including but not limited to, knowledge of  tactics, previous raid experience, regular raid attendance, being signed  up to raid. 

The Unpuntables

Still wanted

 "In 2017, a crack Gnommando unit was sent to prison by a Games Master  Court for lots and lots of crimes they didn't commit. These Guildees  promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Argus  underground.  

Today, still wanted by all Governments they survive  as Guildees of Frivolity. If you have a problem, if no one else can  help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The G-Team." 

Were back baby still version 1.0! If we can dream it we can and will do it....  

"Bring on Antorus the Burning Throne"   

As a Guildee you should know what are your priorities and goals so that  it is easier for you to determine and decide when is the time to give  up or go on. We choose to not go quietly into the night do you?  

We laugh at end game content and feed it with cookies tis true
Yeah we may tickle the Hoarde with feather dusters and wit.  

Guild Life is all about that 10% what happens to you and 90% how we as a community react to it.  We simply think the difference between something good and something  great is attention to detail, then add our non-patent recipe of fun,  social acceptance, humour and hi-jinx by the bucket. 

Let go of the  the boring old Guild life you have dont just grind this, farm that, do this,  blah blah meh, accept the one that is waiting for you with Us.   

The best and most beautiful things in this Digital World cannot be seen  or even touched its felt with the heart (even gnomes dont have a  swinging brick)  

In the end we put our heart, mind, and soul into  even the smallest acts. This is where we found out the secret of  success, the statitiscs speak for themselves so why not try to be a  rainbow in someone's cloud? 

Like most Guilds were closing in on  the next raid content and looking for more Social, Casual &  Progression Raiders (Victims). 

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can, Unicorns maybe still in debate by High Command. For the raiding side were looking to compliment our existing Unpuntables with: 

2 Healer (Pala/Druid, Shammy would be nice)
Additional Range DPS Lok, Shammy,  Boomer
Melee DPS with O/S Tank  (Blood DK would be wonderful)  Warrior, Feral Druid

In the end we adapt and value as always people over role and class  first and foremost we like so many before us always did the smart thing,  the right thing but why did we feel so miserable?  

The  philopspohy here is simple; it doesnt matter how slowly we go as long as  we do'nt stop, well never stop ticking, time isnt measured by clocks  its measured by moments. 

Have you're moment now and join us today,  suddenly youll realise it was time to start and enjoy this "something  new" and trust in the magic of new beginnings. 

Mondays & Wednesdays 2100ST to 2300 Raid night
Tuesdays & Thursdays Mythic Group + Night
Fridays 2100-2300 (Follow on Night when new content hits)
Saturday Community Support Night
Sunday Group Therapy (Inc Squirrel Worship & Tree Hugging)  

Its true we may start by doing what's necessary; then do what's  possible; suddenly were doing the impossible! Our attention is the  rarest most purest genoristy that we can give you.